Dogs before and after their rescue: 9 awesome transformations or what true love can do

In 1967 the Beatles sang their hit “All you need is love”. And this is the real truth.

Over the past 49 years, the world has changed very universally, but these words from the song haven’t lost their relevance. In these photos you will see rescued dogs, that have become healthy and cheerful again thanks to the love and care of their new owners.

What are you waiting for? Hug your neighbour immediately or give a homeless dog or cat a chance!

The dog was so emaciated, that he couldn’t even stand: but after 7 weeks of treatment it is unrecognisable.

My friend saved Kokosik. After three months he looks absolutely different.

Tied up outside a store, abandoned, suffering from severe demodicosis and an eye infection, this pit bull is now also unrecognisable.

This dog’s skin was covered with stone growths due to demodicosis, than she was afraid of human touches, and now she gladly exposes her tummy for stroking.

Miley lived in a garbage dump, she was injured and could barely walk. She is now happy and healthy living in her new home.

Our rescued dog August with demodicosis-before and after.

This poor animal was found on the streets of Montreal and looked just awful. But after a overall cleaning and processing, he became quite similar to a dog, and very charming.

A puppy, that was rescued from a fire and suffered burns to 75% of his body, including his paw pads, was then sheltered by a firefighter and became a member of the fire brigade himself.

And this is baby Copeland before and after the rescue.


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