The abandoned tiger baby was rescued from the circus and completely changed

The founder of Texas’ In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Centre Vicky Keahey met a thin tiger baby, named Aasha in the anonymous way. She was ill and starving.

It is obvious, that she hadn’t ate properly as she weighed only 30 pounds. She was so thin being 9 months old.

Later it was known, that this little baby was a part of a travelling circus group. She was living with a bigger tiger and wasn’t allowed to eat something. She also had a skin infection and her health condition was really bad and alarming.

Vicky saved the baby and took with him to take care of the baby only by himself. She cared for her very attentively, fed and gave an appropriate medication.

After some time the little beast felt much better, but she needs a long recovery. And her saviour does everything to make it feel safe and happy.

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