The boy found a newborn squirrel and fed her-the animal has changed beyond recognition

An amazing find in a New York apartment, isn’t it? The newborn squirrel looked creepy, but now she has become an incredible beauty. Read on to find out more.

One day in his apartment in New York, a man found a nest made of branches, in which there were two newborn squirrels. Where it got into the house is still unknown.

He called a shelter, that takes care of small orphan animals and a girl named Christina Reis agreed to take the babies. She and her husband took care of the squirrels all this time, but unfortunately one of them died. The other grew stronger every day, only she was so small, that she was called Thumbelina.

She had to be fed milk from a small bottle for a long time before she could eat solid food. By the way, the fact that the squirrel has never been in its natural environment also affected its habits-it cannot jump and does not like to climb trees.

Thumbelina also doesn’t like to be in the same society with other squirrels, although the “foster parents” have continually tried to make her friends with animals of the same species.

The squirrel loves avocados, arugula, and green peas, but hates the outdoors, the cold and the vacuum cleaner. She also likes to gnaw on wires and climb into the refrigerator without asking. But the couple still loves her and forgives the squirrel for all the dirty tricks.

The Reis family loved this cute animal very much, so they decided to keep Thumbelina for themselves even after they fed and left her. And now this friendly family is one of the happiest in the world.

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