The Poor Doggy Who Was At First Covered in Potato Chip-Like Scales Looks Just Wonderful After He Was Redeemed

We have heard lots of stories about the rescue and transformation of animals but this one is really one of the unique stories about unconceivable transformations. We are so happy that there are still people who will do their best in order to redeem animals who seem to die soon.

This is Augustus’ the doggy whose appearance and health condition was so awful that he didn’t even smack a dog. The little cuties whole body was covered in thick potato-chip like scales. This awful state was a result of years of nonchalance and abuse.

Fortunately, there are still many kind people nowadays and the true personification of this phenomenon are the kind volunteers at the Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) who took up the rescue process of Augustus the doggy and made an amazing transformation. Thanks to the endless love, care and proper treatment that they provided for Augustus turned the cutie into a completely new doggy.

Augustus is currently a cheerful and comely doggy who enjoys his careless canine life.

You can enjoy watching this wonderful video below.

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