This doggie’s innumerable folds make him the most adorable and precious creature on Earth

Meet Harley, probably the cutest and gentlest soul you have ever come across
Perhaps you have hardly ever witness such cuteness and this fluffy creature’s owner sincerely adores the cutie’s adorable folds.

Try to find the furry creature in this photo, not an easy task, right?

In a matter of fact, the awesome dog’s ancestors were known as the best hunters and fighters, yet, this one has actually nothing to do with Harley. She is considered to be a very unique, friendly and gentle soul regardless of the characteristics her ancestors possessed. She is virtually without fur, there are only these cute folds!

The cutie is only 6 months old and is already famous all over the world for her awesomeness.

Her folds are very admirable, yet, they made her much more vulnerable as when the dog drinks water, it gets into her skin and the owner is to wipe it every single time. Whereas, Tereza, her loving owner, is absolutely fond of him and doesn’t mind constantly taking care of the beloved dog.

Let’s count how many folds she has in the following photo!

Because of the folds around her eyes, she suffered bad eyesight which was rather sad but the problem is now being solved by a group of veterinarians. Here are her two loyal brothers!

Now this sweetheart animal has millions of fans and is popular with unexceptionally everyone on the Menorca island.

The furry sweetheart is also fond of going to the beach and playing in the sand.

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