This wretched dog overgrown with tangles was kept indoors for over 7 years and now tastes the first delights of freedom

The miserable doggie was forced to not to leave the house for years and now is completely free
This poor dog from Australia was completely unrecognizable once he was eventually rescued and taken to a sanctuary. He was totally covered in mats and behaved very aggressively and in a sceptic way. One of the good-natured members of animals rights activists declared that the wretched dog had not been walking in the streets for more than 7 years and was forced to be kept indoors all that time. This organization was determined to give him one more opportunity to survive.

However impossible it might sound, the doggie was kept for 7 years inside the house.

He was definitely overgrown and full of mats.

In the first course, he was to be cut, yet the animal was so confused that he started biting and barking uncontrollably.

Having no other choice, the concerned veterinarians had to give the miserable dog anesthesia.

The kind-hearted vets put off the tangles and the dog became an adorable creature!

One of the vets even gave him her jacket to keep him warm.

The next most essential task was to ensure him that they were there to help and support him.

Afterwards, the traumatized dog bit less than he used to and started to behave in a gentle and friendly way.

He even started to interact with other doggies in the shelter.

He all sincerely hope that the poor doggie will completely recover and find his permanent home!

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