Very rare phenomena: A puppy was born with green coloring and the farmer decides to give him the name “Pistachio”

It is undoubtedly a fact that mother nature never ceases to deeply amaze us with its unique and admirable creatures and phenomena. This case is not an exception. One Italian farmer and animal enthusiast, named Caroline, got absolutely astonished by the following situation.

Lately, one of her favorite dogs gave birth to five furry sweeties and the strange thing was that, regardless of the fact the other four puppies were cream colored like their mother dog, the fifth newborn baby was of greenish fur color. Due to the light green skin color, he was named Pistachio by the farmer.

Of course, such cases are rather rare and you haven’t probably seen something like this before. There are two possible reasons for this. His fur might have turned green in the womb with the feces of puppies. Then, the second probable explanation is that was caused by a special pigment named biliverdin that resulted the scarce greenish coloring.

Though the green color of the fur is gradually fading turning into a typical one, the farmer decided not to change the name of the dog in order to always remember how unique and distinctive he was actually born.

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