10 years ago, the entire Internet laughed at this young couple, 10 years later they have changed and surprised everyone

Sometimes alliances are entered into by truly kindred spirits who have the same outlook on life. This happened to our heroes who started a family ten years ago.

Unforgettable day

Their photographs at the end of the tenth years spread all over the Internet. Even for informals, they looked very unusual.

The guy has white long dreadlocks and a matching suit. The outfit was complemented by very strange boots in a fairly warm season.

And the bride chose a black dress, and also shaved part of her hair in the forehead area. Piercings, tattoos complemented the image of gothic lovers. They played the wedding at the concert.

But time passes, and with it, youth. Young people have matured, acquired heirs, built a career. Echoes of the past still remain.

A man, for example, did not refuse luxurious hair. But, we have to admit, he suits such a hairstyle. But the woman has changed a lot.

She dyed her hair blonde, switched to more feminine outfits in pastel colours. No one would now recognise them as representatives of the subculture. The main thing is that they like and live comfortably!

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