$ 86,000 for two: that’s how much mother and daughter spent on transforming their appearance

Are they satisfied with the result? Some people don’t like their appearance. To improve situations for the better, you need to include physical activity in your daily routine.

And if a person is not satisfied with his face, for example, his chin or nose? If there is a financial opportunity, then you can resort to the services of plastic surgeons.

Georgina Clarke, at 38, and her daughter Kayla Morris, at 20, decided to tweak their looks.

The standard of beauty for women was the popular model Katie Price. And they dreamed of becoming like her. To make his dream a reality, he spent 86 thousand dollars.

Every day they leave about 8 thousand dollars in tanning studios. To achieve the desired result, women used Botox injections, cheek fillers, made breasts and lips, and increased their hair.

To earn money for plastic surgery, 17-year-old Kayla began to dance striptease.

Also, weekly, she received $1,300 from an older man for their interactions. Mom was sincerely happy for her daughter, who is confidently moving towards her goal.

According to her, she does not care how she earns this money, because today she looks great.

What do you think, do these women have similarities with model Katie Price? It seems to me that no.

And yet, in the future, they plan to implant the breast, nose and buttocks. It remains only to accumulate the necessary amount of money.

And how do you assess such behaviour of an adult woman and her daughter?

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