A dog with matted hair was trimmed and it was a surprise that such a handsome animal was hiding under the “dreadlocks”

When a pet becomes incompetent for people it loses its normal appearance, it’s very hard to recognise it. This occurred with an 11-year-old shin tzu named Simon, who was found by volunteers from the non-profit animal rescue company КС Pet Program just in time, and changed unrecognisably.

This is an 11-year-old dog named Simon, who was not so long ago saved by the volunteers.

When the volunteers first met Simon, it had an awful look: the dog’s hair was tangled into solid “sausages” looking like braids.

Obviously, this small creature was abandoned by humans for many years and forgot what human help is.

The organisation workers told that they had never met such «complicated situations» and really wanted to do something for the sake of
the poor animal.

Because of the heavily matted coat, Simon was fully covered in fleas.

The veterinary team gave the dog the necessary care it wanted so strongly.

The employees worked nearly two hours to shave off all the tangled hair from his little body.

And after the haircut Simon weighted 6kg. The poor dog was wearing 3 kg of “protection” which hindered him from living a normal life.

“We didn’t imagine what state the creature will be in after being shaved, and especially, Simon’s skin was in a comparably good condition,» told one of the organisation’s workers.

“He’s tiny, full of fleas, he needs dental surgery, but at least he’s safe now.»

With attention and love, Simon was changed unrecognisably.

The tiny shin tzu also took bath during these years.

And now he is eager to begin the recovery process, so that later he can find a new constantly home, where he will be cared and no one will bother him.

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