A man grew a beard for a whole year, and then took it and shaved it off

Entertainment for people is different and not always clear to others. But that doesn’t make them any less exciting — a certain Justin Basle decided to grow a beard. But not just like that, but out of sporting interest, to see how much it will grow in a year if you don’t touch it. The end of the story is amazing!

Once upon a time there was Justin Basle and he looked like this

And then he put the razor away and let nature do the work.

Everything was in order with hormones, with metabolism too — hair grew regularly

Justin didn’t do anything on purpose, he just didn’t touch his beard, didn’t even trim it.

And this is what it looked like a year later.

In order not to be considered fake, he recorded a time-lapse video

As Justin notes, there were no particular difficulties, except for one factor. Before embarking on a similarly large-scale and lengthy experiment with appearance, find a stable job that will not be affected in any way. Because going to interviews with a hairy shovel on your face is not the best idea, the reaction of employers is predictably not positive.

And then you know what he did? You can’t look without tears!

Totally back to where I started. That’s what men’s entertainment is.

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