Almost 2 kg of wool was sheared from the abandoned dog. Now he looks completely different

Unfortunately, the owners of two-year-old Arlo from the UK had to give up their dog, and he grew up great. So much so that the fur blocked his vision, and Arlo could crash into a door or wall. The dog ended up at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for abandoned animals, where it was sheared, turning it from a tramp into an imposing young dog in the very dawn of his life. Now Arlo is waiting for his new people.

Abandoned 2-year-old bobtail Arlo has grown into a bush

His owners had to give up the pet due to moving to a new place. Arlo ended up at the London animal shelter Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, where he was immediately turned into a beautiful and well-groomed.

It took three specialists and two hours of work to cut the dog

As a result, 1.8 kg of wool was removed from the dog!

Now Arlo looks completely different and we can see his eyes

That’s what a good boy was hiding behind an impenetrable pile of wool

The dog itself has also become much more comfortable. According to the shelter staff, he «shines» and happily runs around with other dogs.

Arlo’s profile can be found on the shelter’s website.

It says here that he is 2 years and 7 months old, he prefers to be the only dog in the family, does not really like cats, but he can live with teenagers. And it would be much calmer for him to live somewhere outside the city.

Due to his negative life experience, Arlo became a little incredulous and stopped following some commands, but now the shelter staff is restoring his peace of mind.

Let’s hope that in the near future someone will definitely take this transformed handsome man!

If any of you live in the UK, hurry up! Arlo is one of a kind.

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