American animal rights activists rescued a shaggy fur monster. They cut off a kilogram of wool, and under it a charming cat!

Arizona animal rights activists have shown, perhaps, one of the most amazing transformations after a quarantine haircut. When an employee of the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) answered the call, she could hardly understand what kind of animal in front of her, because it was just a tangled fur. But scissors and a clipper work wonders: after about a kilogram of wool was sheared, the world saw an adorable cat named Fluffer.

Animal rights activists have turned a shaggy monster into a charming kitty

On May 27, AHS employees posted on their Facebook in which they talked about this amazing case. The cat was sent to the hospital, where specialists had to work hard to restore her original appearance.

Almost a kilogram of fur was sheared from a cat

And that’s a quarter of her weight!

As a result of shearing, the cat lost 2 pounds of fur (907 g) from her 8-pound body (3.628 kg).

To her credit, Fluffer was pretty calm.

And by doing so, she facilitated the work of specialists.

They had to work for about an hour

They didn’t even need medicine, which is a miracle

Bretta Nelson, public relations officer for the organization, told Bored Panda that the cat, 4, ended up with animal rights activists after her owner’s death. And Julie Bolchalk, the employee who sent Fluffer to the hospital, admitted that she had not seen such neglected cases.

But look what she has become!

Do you know what is the cutest and most pleasant thing in this story? After 2 days, the cat was taken by new owners!

Happy life in your new home, Fluffer!

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