Bald guinea pig bites owner’s bangs out of envy and she changed unrecognisably

The story is more instructive than funny. Especially for those who keep pets and at the same time have a close acquaintance with the «green serpent». Although Gera Sullivan swears that this is now in the past — a good lesson learned.

Meet Gera Sullivan from Kentucky. She was like this just recently.

And now — like this

And she is to blame for this. Guinea pig Dixie.

Gara loves Dixie and she loves her back. Especially when a girl comes home from a wild party not sober and the guy kicks her out to sleep on the floor. Gera is just glad — she doesn’t get motion sickness, and you can sleep in an embrace with Dixie. They love this business.

What am I? I’m nothing!

It was on Thanksgiving Day, when Hera was especially feasted, and therefore, upon returning home, she immediately curled up on the rug and snored. In the morning she went to the restroom and did not recognise herself. Where is my bang?!

And there is she, on the same rug

Straight from the heart. Gera immediately realized that Dixie helped her part with her hair, but she was afraid that the animal had swallowed them. And if not, then there is no trouble — a girl is a hairdresser by profession, and she easily put her bangs in order. But I thought. Piggy hasn’t done this before, so what’s the reason?

No, of course not in a fume. It’s just that Dixie is bald, so she envied the owner’s hair

Everything fits together — while Hera sniffled on the floor, the offended pig out of envy gnawed off as much as she could. And it’s not a fact that it will stop, so we need to draw two conclusions. First, stop drinking. Secondly, sleep separately from the pig. Well, share the story with everyone, of course.

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