“Feature is not a sentence”: what was the girl who was born with a “clown nose”?

When a daughter was born in the Lloyd family a few years ago, her parents were at a loss. The thing is that she had a bright red spot on her nose. Doctors identified a hemangioma and assured that in a couple of years there would be no trace of the spot.

The couple followed all the recommendations of the doctors, underwent the necessary procedures, but the stain was unchanged. In addition, they noticed that it began to increase in size and watched in fear so that the mole did not pass to the face.

The situation was aggravated by the behaviour of tactless people who giggled looking at the baby and called her a clown. This affected the character of the girl, she was closed and did not want to communicate with anyone.

Then the parents decided to move on to drastic measures and began to look for doctors who would help get rid of this feature.

It took almost three years for everything. As a result, the child was saved from the ill-fated spot, now she has become more open and sociable.

Parents, in turn, are happy for their daughter, now they will not look askance at their beloved baby.

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