Love and care did wonders: the amazing transformation of a saved kitten

Nur Khamiza from Malaysia has always loved animals and tried to save them as much as she could. Therefore, when she met a homeless cat that looked awful, she immediately realized that this was a proof of fate. Who will help the unfortunate creature, if not she?

Do you consider this as a cat? This is what Meimei looked like originally.

Bald skinny sides, in ulcers and wounds, a sore paw and eyes, a bunch of parasites and sores. The cat weighed 2 kg at the most and had one paw in the grave. They say about such people that it’s easier to help them leave so that they don’t suffer, but Nur Khamiza had a diverse opinion.

And this is he a year later — the hair has grown incredible!

As Nur Khamiza recalls, the cat herself approached her, obediently climbed into the box, steadfastly endured the check out at the veterinarian. She really wanted to be rescued! In general only a few people trusted in success, the woman herself did not doubt it and made every attempt to get the cat out. A year later, Meimei was indistinguishable- a well-fed, beautiful, cheerful cat!

Meimei is still frightened of strangers and almost never walks on the street, but she does not care for the mistress of the soul!

Nur Khamiza Had and Meimei are very cheerful and thankful to heaven that they found each other!

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