People found a dog on the street, more like a skeleton. But the volunteers fattened her to beauty

Not only people, but also dogs deserve a spectacular transformation. A three-year-old dog named Tiggy was found on the street by passers-by and sent to volunteers who were not ready for the shocking condition of the animal. The dog was more like a skeleton, and there was almost no hair left on it. But the life-giving combo of love, drugs and healthy food made Tiggy a beauty!

A dog named Tiggy was rescued by volunteers and returned to her healthy appearance

Tiggy was found on the street and immediately taken to a shelter

There was practically no hair on a dog of the Lercher breed (a cross between a greyhound and a terrier), and all its bones could easily be counted under the skin. The dog was in such a sorry state that BARK (Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels) workers were shocked, Ian Ross, the shelter’s manager, told DailyMail:

“I thought she was dead. When they brought her here, everyone had tears in their eyes — everyone was crying.”

But the dog turned out to be a real fighter, and with the help of people, she quickly got better.

Ian Ross took Tiggy to her home and began to nurse her. The secret formula for success was a combo of love, antiparasitic treatment and 12 meals a day.

To return Tiggy to her former shape, she was fed 12 times a day.

True, such a celebration of the stomach did not last long — only one day. Then the number of meals was reduced to 8, and now Tiggy eats 3 times a day. Although the trick is trying to increase this number to 4!

The dog now weighs a healthy 18 kilograms — 8 more than when it was found on the street.

According to Yen, now Tiggy is showing his bright character with might and main, having fun, playing and demanding sweets.

A new family has already been found for Tiggy — in the near future the dog will move to a new home. Isn’t this the best ending to such a story?

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