The family found a cute «mini-pig» and wanted to take it away, but in time they realized who it was. I had to call the police

Of course, taking homeless animals from the street is a good and kind thing, but it also has its own subtleties. First you need to figure out what kind of animal is in front of you and whether it needs a home, otherwise you can easily get into an awkward or even dangerous situation. So, one woman, while walking in the park with her son, discovered a cute pink creature, which she mistook for a kind of mini pig. But it turned out to be not at all what he was taken for.

Something like this looked like a creature that a woman mistook for a mini pig

A woman with her son went on a picnic. While spreading the tablecloth, a mother noticed on the lawn a cute pink creature that looked like a piglet the size of a mouse.

The woman showed the find to her son, and the boy was delighted

The child began to hug the animal and wanted to take it home. But the longer mom looked at the «mini-pig», the more she realized that he was somehow too strange. Then she turned to the Internet, found out who this baby really was, after which she even called the police.

It was a wild animal — a frilled armadillo

The frilled armadillo is found in central Argentina and is the smallest species of armadillo. Why is he dangerous? These babies may be carriers of leprosy. The police, who arrived at the scene, took the animal away, and the mother and son received medical assistance.

Remember, don’t touch a wild animal, even if it’s so cute!

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