The girl met a dog that looked like a stuffed animal. She helped the dog and after 4 months it was unrecognisable

In the fall of 2018, Kaileena Turner met her future pet. Although, when she first saw the dog, it looked more like an incomprehensible stuffed animal than a dog. The woman took him to herself to help and give her love.

Kaileena could not get past the animal, because he needed help.

The dog was immobilized and could not get out of the bed frame.

He dutifully accepted the help and allowed himself to be released.

Kaileena was surprised that the dog didn’t make a single sound.

In the veterinary clinic, where the woman brought the dog, it turned out that he was only six months old and had a catastrophic lack of weight.

Karo, as the dog was called, was found to have many health problems: burns, parasites, dehydration. In the process of leaving, Kailina realized that she would not part with the dog. This is Karo after the hospital, he gained about 1.5 kg.

Kaileena already had other pets.

Over time, they became true friends.

The girl gave Karo all the love and care.

He has a wonderful character.

He is accommodating, but mischievous.

He has an Instagram.

Now his weight is 23 kg, and his age is 9 months.

Kaileena can no longer live without him.

He is happiness for her!

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