The man found strange tiny eggs, and then strange creatures began to hatch from them

They say: if there is Heaven on earth, then this is Hawaii! Stunning landscapes, unique flora and even more unique fauna, many of which you will not find in other places. Tourists are amazed, not even assuming that not every local resident is well versed in this variety of animals and birds.

This happened to a certain inhabitant, Fr. Oahu: looking around his simple possessions, he noticed in a hollow fragment of bamboo in the backyard a dozen tiny, white round eggs that he had never seen before. The whole masonry fit in the man’s palm!

While he was examining his find, thinking that these were the eggs of some kind of garden pest, one of them hatched and a tiny lizard was born! The baby was no longer than the phalanx of a finger, huge eyes without eyelids, which the baby was constantly licking with a wide tongue forked at the end, covered with tiny papillae, sticky pads of outstretched fingers!

Yes, it’s a gecko! the man guessed. He returned the eggs, which also began to peck one after another, and the already hatched baby into place, in the hope that the mother would return to her cubs! Of course, having previously, as usual, carefully recorded his find on the camera, and then left this place so as not to frighten her away.

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