The owners showed photos of their pets before and after they were picked up from the street

The problem of homeless animals is still relevant. Even in socially prosperous countries, the need for shelters for animals in a difficult situation does not disappear. It doesn’t matter how the pets ended up on the street, their life is spent in the midst of deprivation and disease, there is no one to protect them from cruelty. And yet, the world rests on love and kindness. We present this wonderful selection of photos of dogs that got a chance to be saved from caring people who offered them shelter and love.

1. This caramel hunk celebrated a year in a family that took care of a puppy dying of cirrhosis of the liver. By the way, doctors assured that he would not last longer than three months. According to the owners, now everything is fine with their pet and now no one even remembers about health problems.

2. Baby Toby was found in the gutter. The dog could not get out on its own due to problems with its hind legs. His paws never recovered, but thanks to the owners, this is no longer a problem. According to them, Toby is a perfect racer.

3. This pit bull was given a cruel fate at the dog fight club. The future favorites of the fights were trained on the Joker. Now the hopeless streak in his life is over, his owners gave him the most important thing — love that heals the soul.

4. The difference between these photos is a year, and it’s not even the shining coat and rounded sides that are remarkable here, but the look of the dog. The people to whom she got into the family assure that there is no one sweeter and more affectionate than their girl.

5. Buck got to a young couple in the summer of 2019. The condition of the dog testified to extreme exhaustion, which also affected the internal organs. Today the dog is healthy, cheerful and absolutely happy. He adores his «parents», and they cannot imagine their life without Buck. Young people say that adopting him was the best and right decision in their lives.

6. Isn’t there a difference?

7. Six years ago, a bright moment came in Luna’s life, she met «her» owners. Now the family has absolute harmony and boundless mutual love.

8. Well, this cute collage, from the first photo to the present day, was made about his pet-adoptive by his owner. He believes that the most expressive and emotional part of a dog’s body is its prominent ears. In the last photo they look absolutely happy.

9. Magnum ended up in a family of loving and kind people, but before that he was rescued by veterinarians and shelter employees, whom the owners of the dog never tire of thanking.

10. Charming blonde Maya, a year after the «adoption». The puppy came to the shelter very malnourished. Now, thanks to love and care, Maya is a real beauty.