The woman was frightened by a paw that made a hole in the ceiling. But it turned out that her owner is a real cutie

Everyone has already heard that Australia is home to a huge number of frightening animals, fish and insects, the main purpose of which is to scare a person to death. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Australian Janne Blaxland was frightened in earnest when, right in the ceiling of her bedroom, the beast made a hole, stretching out a clawed paw from it. But it turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of, because the uninvited guest turned out to be a cutie and a lover of grapes.

An Australian woman was scared when the beast made a hole in the ceiling of her bedroom.

Brisbane resident Janne Blaxland discovered a clawed paw on her bedroom ceiling and was initially nervous. But she quickly calmed down when she realized who she belonged to.

It turned out that the owner of the paw has long been familiar to Janne’s family.

It was a possum living in the attic of the Blaxlands house.

As Janne told, they always had possums in their attic, and this is the part of life in Australia that you have to put up with.

The possum lives right above my bedroom and I often hear it rustling and squeaking. It’s amazing that he gnawed a hole in the ceiling … I’ve never seen a possum actually make a hole in the roof. But I was interested because I love animals.

The girl fed her night guest with grapes

The animal turned out to be from an apple, but grapes and a banana came to his taste. Janne tries not to feed her roommate too often because she thinks it might be bad for him

But when Janne went up to the attic, the friendliness of the possum disappeared abruptly — he began to squeak and growl at the girl.

Commentators suggested that the girl call the animal Jerome — Janne did just that.

That’s just Janne’s father against her daughter feeding the animal from the attic.

These animals are very loud and constantly rustle and squeak. In addition, if a possum dies in the attic, it will be difficult to get it out of there. But despite this, the story with the animal seems funny to the girl’s mother, and her younger brother and sister Janne think it’s cool.

So most likely, the animal will not be driven out of its shelter. But Janne will obviously have to get used to the fact that someone’s paw will sometimes stick out of her ceiling.

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