This street cat was saved from forthcoming death, and it turned out that a beauty was hiding behind a pitiful skin

Often life is cruel even to the smallest and most powerless of us, who are already not at all sweet. This is exactly what happened to a poor homeless cat who wandered Malaysia looking for help. And she got it! And moreover, an incredible change, which is even difficult to believe.

Nur Khamiza from Malaysia found this poor cat in her backyard.

The kitten was in a very deplorable state and needed immediate help.

Noor saw Meimei in her backyard under a car. The girl said that she looked awful: her skin was infected, and had many wounds.

The cat, in addition, was very dirty and smelled awful and many fleas jumped on her skin. There was also a wound on Meimei’s paw and the animal needed immediate help.

Noor put the cat in a box and took it with her

The animal did not even need to be assured to jump into the box, it seemed to be waiting for receiving help and acted really peacefully.

According to the girl, the cat looked at her as if begging for rescue. She looked sad, deserted and missing

Noor also told that Meimei wasn’t frightened of her in the least, but rather wanted to be found and saved.

The girl took the cat, now named Meimei, to the vet and learned everything she must know about rehabilitation

Of course, at first, the cat needed a warm place for living, medicines, good food and a lot of love and care. Nur did everything, that the vet told her and the result was seen!

5 months of recovery and attention brought its results. The cat was unrecognisable!

When Noor took Meimei to the vet, the doctor said, that the cat weighed only 2 kg. The girl knew that she needed to fight for the life of the cat and do her best.

The girl said that if Meimei survives, it will be a hint for her and she will love this cat and take care of her all her life.

Meimei’s snow-white hair has grown, and she began to look not only incredible, but even fuzzy.

Now, after a year of life, full of attention and love, Meimei weighs about 6 kg and is an evidence that even hopeless situations are not always the worst.

Meimei got a snow-white fluffy fur coat and lives her best life

Noor told that Meimei is frightened of people she doesn’t know, but adores her family very much and is always wants hugs and affection.

Her health has recovered and now she lives a cheerful home life, enjoying sleeping on a soft couch and eating good food.

Nur Khamiza and Meimei are very joyful and thankful that they saw one another!

The girl said that she is always ready to save animals in need and take care of them. Nur says that people should always help the animals in need to help them live in this harsh world!

Therefore, if you have seen an animal, that needs help, give a home to animals that have not felt for a long time what love and care of a person is.

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