Volunteers rescued a dog that had been chained for 2 years and showed how handsome he was turned into by love and care

It’s always a pleasure to watch the transformations of animals, especially if they are stories with a happy ending, where everyone is happy, and the poor man finally has loving owners. This happened to a husky named Finn: his owner bought the dog as a gift for his wife, but they later divorced. The man decided to take revenge on Finn, because of which the dog lost a lot of weight. But the volunteers saved the dog, fed him and turned him into a real handsome man!

Husky named Finn was taken from the owner, who decided to recoup the dog for his divorce

Finn was given to his wife by his owner when he was still a puppy. However, later the couple divorced, the man decided to keep the dog and, apparently, decided to take out his anger on the animal. Finn spent almost 2 years on a chain, where he did not have a roof over his head, normal food and drink.

When Finn was discovered by animal rights activists, he looked more like a bag of bones

When the husky was loaded into the trunk of the car, he just curled up there and slept for two hours straight.

Husky shelter immediately began to treat

In addition to exhaustion (Finn weighed 18 kilograms) and an almost complete lack of hair, the dog had fleas and ticks.

However, despite his emaciated appearance, Finn was full of strength to recover.

The dog quickly began to gain weight, week after week his hair grew more and more.

According to volunteers, earlier the dog did not have enough attention, but now it has begun to flourish from the care of people.

Over time, Finn finally overweight and showed how handsome he can be

According to Pet Angels Rescue volunteers, Finn managed to increase his weight to 36 kilograms, which only benefited his cuteness!

A loving home was found for him very quickly.

Finn was taken in by people who visited him even when the dog was still very ill.

Looking at how Finn looks now, it’s hard to believe that he once looked more like a bag of bones.

We hope that Finn and his new owners will have a long and happy life together!

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