When the family relocated, they found a shaggy monster in the basement. It was a cat that must have a haircut

Often, when you move, you can find odd and fearsome things in your new home. So a family from Philadelphia relocated into the house, people began to take the equity to the basement and saw some kind of creature there. According to The Dodo, it was shaggy and tangled and could barely move. Upon closer examination, the beast anonymous to science turned out to be a cat, just very overgrown. And she obviously needed help. She was admitted into the animal protection organisation ACCT Philly.

The family relocated into the house and found a shaggy animal in the basement. Turned out to be a cat

The poor thing was taken to the veterinarians, who were frightened by her condition. It was clear that all mats had to be cut off first, but the experts were worried about how the cat would behave during the procedure.

Having got to the specialists, the cat did not mind the haircut at all

Blake Martin, an employee of the organisation, said she looked quite sweet and was grateful that she was finally taken care of. Her hair was so tangled that at some point the doctors still had to give her sleeping pills. The work was long, but the cat was freed from heavy fur captivity.

Blake decided to personally take care of the cat

He says that she often sits under the bed and crawls out to get some petting.

She loves to be picked up

For some time, the cat will live with a man, until a new home is found for her with loving owners who will definitely not leave her in the basement.

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