18-year-old student, who was teased by Hippo, lost 32 kg and wiped her nose to her offenders

Eighteen-year-old student Tilly Nieman from British West Yorkshire has been bullied for years due to being overweight. She avoided the slightest glance in the mirror and even received the offensive nickname Hippo.

But Tilly’s life changed dramatically when she decided to take care of her health. Now the girl monitors the calories consumed and goes in for sports. She gave up fast food, and in two years of proper nutrition she was able to get rid of 32 extra pounds.

Nieman’s appearance has changed. From a notorious plump girl, she turned into one of the most popular young ladies in her city. Her fame goes beyond West Yorkshire. Indeed, recently Niman has been running her channel on TikTok, where she talks about healthy eating and weight loss.

“I often get sweet messages from people I’ve motivated to transform and their progress makes me happier. I constantly remind them that losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. It is important to understand that this is a long process, nothing will happen in one day. It took me two years, but I enjoyed every minute and now I want others to follow this path on a positive note, ”the girl says about her new life and starting career in the media.

Indeed, the transformation of Tilly Nieman attracted many thousands of users. They often leave kind words in the comments and get inspired by the girl. And she herself is only happy to help those who are just starting the path to harmony with their body.

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