A baby boy with a very long eyelashes. What does he look like now?

An extraordinary baby was born in Tajikistan, who has eyelashes, that reached almost his lips. Doctors said, he was absolutely healthy.

The family loved for many years in the capital of Russia and he attracted a lot of attention, as no one had seen a boy with such an unusual appearance.

The boy also has very thick eyebrows and doctors claim, that he has an appearance resembling the representatives of Eastern nationalities, because they also had very thick hair.

The boy’s appearance was so unique, that he even got into the Guinness King of Records. He was the holder of the world’s record as having the longest eyelashes in the world. And another amazing fact is that the growth of his eyelashes doesn’t stop.

The boy himself is used to such attention, as he was asked many times what’s wrong with his eyelashes.

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