An amazing girl with really huge eyes

This story is about a lovely girl with amazing appearance, she has extraordinary big eyes.

The girl’s parents usually receive complaints about their daughter’s appearance, as she looks really stunning. It’s because the baby’s big eyes, that are related to the Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome.

Because of this diagnosis the baby couldn’t go outside without sunglasses, as the sun is the girl’s main enemy.

There are many people, who admire the baby’s unusual appearance, but there are people who are afraid of the baby’s big eyes.

Melanie’s mother worries sp much, that because of such words the girl would have many difficulties in her life.

Now the girl is already 4 years old and she didn’t feel any other symptoms and the family also has two more children.

Many people think, that the girl would have a big modelling career in the future and could become a star.

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