“Different people” Stylists transformed the teacher beyond recognition

This woman didn’t take care of her hair for a long time. So they were, to say it mildly, bad. She didn’t cut them, dye and didn’t use special things for care. But the specialists were able to transform her hair into normal state.

Although the heroine had a curly hair by nature, the stylists decided to straighten them. And it turned out, that this hairstyle looks beautiful and it very well emphasises her features.

And to finish the look the stylists did a makeup. Her skin colour was normalised, eyes were emphasised and lips were highlighted. She turned into a different person!

Thanks to these kind of transformations one can clearly say, that there hasn’t ugly women in the world, but unkempt.

Just look how the woman was transformed thanks to the new hairstyle and a makeup. Just amazing.

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