“Forever love” How does the loving couples look, when they were young and after many years

Truly, it’s very good, that the true, clear and forever love exists in the world. And it’s much good understanding, that such couples spend many years together and and still do not get tired of each other.

Today you can look at the photos of the couples, that are together more than 50 years. How did they look when they were young and now. Their eyes glow, and peace is read on their faces, they have spent all their lives with their loving person.

For example, Virginia and George Brown got married in 1959. The couple had 4 children, 18 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren! Look at how happy they are, adorable.

Just imagine, the couple Fosher are together for 86 years! They really can’t believe, that it is possible to get tired of your favourite person.

They kept love in the heart and youth in the soul and all thanks to the fact that they were close and supported each other.

In honour of their 70th wedding anniversary, this couple decided to recreate their wedding photo. And it was an amazing idea! Imagine, in the same place, only a little different.

In 2016 this couple celebrated their “golden wedding”. In honour of this they took out their wedding dresses from the closet and the bride was even able to put on her dress. Amazing!

Some of the guests were with them at their wedding 59 years ago. The friendship can also last for life.

Rose and Ian got married in 1968. Unfortunately, they got divorced, although they remained in a wonderful relationship for the sake of three children. They both later remarried, and in 2013 they met at their son’s wedding free again and in love. It’s possible, that love never passed.

The first marriage of Rose and Ian lasted 23 years, but then they got divorced. And after 23 years they remarried! The bride is 66, and the groom is 71, but this isn’t a barrier for the true love. By the way, the rings were the same as the first time!

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