How does the girl, who did 50 surgeries to resemble Angelia Jolie look

All of us has an idol, but not all of us want to become the copy of the star. But there are people, like Sahar Tabar, a 19-year-old blogger from Iran.

The girl became popular in 2018, when her photographs went viral on the Internet. People were amazed by the unusual appearance of Sahar. The thing is that she was the fan of Angelia Jolie for many years and in order to resemble her she did 50 surgeries.

Sahar opened an Instagram page and started to post photographs taken after the surgeries. The girl thought, that people should write complaints to her and compare her with Angelia, but she was wrong.

Each photo of the girl became an object of ridicule. Many followers wrote their meaning about the appearance of Sahar. And when the girl told why she did so, they began to compare her with a zombie, not with a famous actress.

Sahar deleted her Instagram account, apparently she couldn’t stand the negative flow in her direction. But her new photographs appeared on the Internet and truly saying there the girl looked much more usual, than before.

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