Joanna from India used to weigh 100 kg, and now she has become the first beautiful supermodel

The girl Joanna was born 23 years ago in Malaysia. Her childhood and youth were, to put it mildly, not very good. After all, she was overweight and absolutely everyone laughed at her. Even relatives did not miss the opportunity to pin up the girl.
Already at the age of seven, the Malaysian girl’s weight was sixty kilograms. Joanna admits that she was the fattest in school.

From classmates, she often endured ridicule and bullying.

The donut had no friends and because of this she had a constant depression. When she grew up, the guys looked at her with disgust. At the age of sixteen, the donut weighed one hundred kilograms. She could eat six bowls of rice in one day.

At some point, Joanna decided to pull herself together. The first thing the young Malaysian took up was running. So that no one would see her, Joanna went for a run at night. Then she gave up junk food and meat, switching to plant foods.

Time passed and Joanna «decreased» by almost half. Her weight was 52 kilograms. However, nagging from others did not stop. Now they did not like that the girl lost weight too quickly.

Joanna got a job at a modelling agency that sent her to a beauty pageant in India. Most recently, she was plump, and now she shone at a beauty contest, where she was able to take second place.

The girl admits that she did not seek help from nutritionists and fitness trainers. It was her willpower and perseverance that helped her succeed.

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