“Makeup can do amazing things”: a real transformation of a woman, who hadn’t been taking care of herself for so long

Every woman must look gorgeous. A make-up artist from Azerbaijan Ayan Shafag gave the feeling brilliance to the people, who cannot do it by themselves. For the girl transforming people is a real happiness, she loves to paint and dress people beautifully, and her dream came true. Many people recognise her and respect her works.

Recently she started a marathon, when she goes to the streets and asks everyone if they want to have a beautiful makeup or a hairstyle. And she invites them to her salon and a real miracle happens to them. And now she has a client, who hasn’t been taking care for herself and using makeup for a long time. She took a “before” photo and started her transformation.

Although the woman had many flaws in her appearance, it was much easier to make a real beauty, than with the one, who has a perfect appearance.

The woman’s skin was in a bad condition and she must use products, that can moisturise her. Her next step was using a foundation, that must go on with her skin color. And of course sculptor and highlighter are necessary.

Then she decided to move to eye makeup. She wanted to emphasise the woman’s eyes and make them more expressive. For that she used pink eyeshadows. And at the end she finally moved to her hair. It was in a disastrous state, and she decided to use masks and balsams to make them look bright and healthy. In the end she dyed them.

The woman liked the makeup so much, that she even started to cry. And it was because of happiness. What could be better for a beauty artist?

We hope, that the woman will continue to take care of herself, as she saw that using a little makeup she can look amazing!

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