The fate of the boy, who weighed 293 kg at the age of 10

The boy was named Arya Permano loves food so much. And the parents didn’t follow the boy’s diet, he started to gain weight very quickly. The boy’s food was very fatty and calorie!

When the boy couldn’t walk properly his parents understood, that it was time to show their son to the specialist. Everyone was shocked when they saw, that the boy was weighing 192 kg at the age of 10!

Such situation was difficult for the boy not only physically, but also morally. His friends started to tease him and he decided to lose weight.

The boy had a dream to become a football player and he must lose weight for this. The diet’s didn’t give any results and the doctors decided to reduce the boy’s stomach. Only after the operation the guy’s weight began to move.

After that, he started to follow strict diets and sports and in 3 years he lost almost 100 kg.

Now he is like other children of his age and nothing endangers his health. Now he lives normal and happy life and can do everything he wants-play football.

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