Unbelievable power of love! How does the couple look like, that were able to lose 200 kilograms together

We often hear a saying, that appearance doesn’t matter. Really, if you truly love someone it doesn’t matter how much does she weigh and how does she look, because she can turn into a different person, but her internal character remain the same.

The couple Lexi and Danny think so. They met, fell in love and decided to marry, no matter, that the girl was weighing 220 kilograms and the man approximately 130.

They were using harmful food and couldn’t stop. But then they decided to take matters in to their own hands, on the other hand they would never be able to become parents.

Their fight for beautiful bodies lasted for half a year. They went on intuition. Firstly they stopped eating fast food, instead they used homemade soups and salads. Then they decided to walk for a long time in the evenings and in the end they decided to go to the gym.

At first it was very difficult for Lexi’s to go to the gym, as there were only beautiful bodies, but she worked through this problem with a psychologist. He suggested to only think about the result she would achieve in the end, no matter how people look at her.

Lexi was able to weight 90 kilograms, instead of 220 with the help of her husband. Danny never doubted for a minute that his wife would retreat and motivated her in every way to win.

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