“Without parental love” How does the 33-year-old boy live, that wasn’t taken from the maternity hospital

After just 36 hours after the boy’s birth, named Jono, his parents decided to left the baby. But he was so lucky, as he was adopted by a kind woman named Jin Lancaster.

Jono’s parents left him in the hospital, because he had a syndrome of Tricker Collins. In simple words, the boy’s facial bones stopped developing in the womb.

But his ailment affected only in the appearance and some of the man’s abilities, not the brain, so Jono grew up as smart as his peers.

The boy’s new mother did everything in order his son grew up joyful person. And it was she who supported him when classmates spoke unflatteringly about him when it was difficult for him to find friends.

When the boy became 19 years old he went to work in the bar, and it was another test for Jono, he was afraid of sidelong glances and mockers. However, it was there that he increasingly began to come across good and understanding people, so gradually Lancaster began to get used to himself and believed that he could live like an ordinary person.

Later Jono even studied to be a fitness trainer and began to work by profession. People loved the kind guy so much and there he met his love, with whom he is still happy.

The guy’s parents didn’t try to find their son and Jono no longer holds a grudge against anyone. He is happy to find a love, calling and found its place in the world.

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