“300 kg is not a sentence”: What does a girl who tried to lose weight for a year look like

The heroine of our today’s article, Nicole Lewis, has been used to eating her problems and stress since early childhood. Therefore, by the age of 14, Nicole’s weight was about 90 kilograms. She faced ridicule and problems communicating with her peers.

She began to eat even more and at 24 her weight was about 240 kg. But she was lucky in that she was able to find a loving man, from whom she gave birth to two children. But the more her weight became, the harder it was for Nicole to live.

Nicole was worried about her condition and went to the program «I weigh 300 kg», where the girl was helped to lose weight and become healthier.

She followed the diet for a year and this is what happened:

Do you like the girl’s change?

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