“A rather big baby «: What does a girl look like now, who weighed 18 kilograms a year

Our heroine, Alia Salim, is from India. A girl was born in 2013 and at first there were no signs of problems. She did not differ from other children of her age until exactly 10 months.

The girl began to ask for more and more food, the parents did not refuse goodies for their child.

But at some point, Aliya began to weigh 18 kilograms almost a year, which is unacceptable for such a baby. But since the girl’s parents are not very wealthy, they were not able to hire a nutritionist for their daughter.

Over time, the girl was known all over the world and helped to raise funds for examinations and doctors. As a result, the baby began to lose weight thanks to a properly selected diet and physical activity. Now the girl is almost no different from her peers, so journalists have ceased to be interested in her family.

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