“A real Hollywood star!”: Toothless woman in years turned into an indescribable beauty

Shafag Navruzova is a popular online makeup artist whose work is admired all over the world. In addition, the woman has her own network of beauty salons.

Navruzova’s ability to transform people beyond recognition is especially famous! The fact is that a makeup artist can make a real beauty queen out of any person.

For example, not so long ago, Shafag worked on the image of a 50-year-old woman who had not taken care of herself for a very long time.

Groomed skin, overgrown eyebrows, lack of teeth — all this did not interfere with the professional, and as a result, the heroine turned out to be an incredible beauty!

First, of course, care was needed: Shafag worked on the woman’s face, plucked her eyebrows, refreshed the color, nourished the skin. And then she started applying makeup.

Even with hair, Navruzova managed to do the impossible, and she beautifully put them in a hairstyle.

Would you recognize the original heroine in this Hollywood star?

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