Age spares no one: how the most beautiful actors have changed

1. Brigitte Bardot, 83 years old

In her youth, Bardo was incredibly beautiful, but age takes its toll. However, Brigitte, adhering to her principles, never went under the knife of a plastic surgeon and did not do cosmetic procedures. So her appearance is quite natural for her age.

2. Haley Joel Osment, 29 years old

It’s hard to believe what this cute boy actor has become, who played in «The Sixth Sense» and «Artificial Intelligence». He has changed beyond recognition! But he is only 29 years old!

3. Donatella Versace, 62 years old

The love of plastic surgery played a cruel joke with Donatella. In the pursuit of youth, she has become something beyond description.

4. Goldie Hawn, 72 years old

Another star who has disfigured herself with plastic surgery.

5. Janice Dickinson, 62 years old

Looking at Dickinson now, it’s hard to recognize her as a former supermodel. Due to numerous operations, her face has acquired frightening forms. And all again because the woman was afraid to lose her youth.

6. Kate Moss, 43 years old

This famous supermodel is another proof that time, unfortunately, does not spare anyone.

7. Kathleen Turner, 63 years old

In the aged Kathleen, you can no longer see the sexy actress that she was — even her facial features have changed. However, Turner herself is not at all embarrassed by her current appearance.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio, 43 years old

Yes, there is no smell of a sex symbol here now. But Leo is a good actor.

9. Macaulay Culkin, 37 years old

And what happened to you, dear boy from «Home Alone»? Culkin is a living example of what drugs and alcohol do to a person. The actor looked awfully old at 37.
But Macaulay pulled himself together and now he looks great!

10. Melanie Griffith, 60 years old

There is no need to even say anything. You yourself can see that the ex-wife of Antonio Banderas is a big fan of plastic.

11. Vince Vaughn, 47 years old

The actor has grown stout, aged and has already ceased to be handsome.

12. Jack Nicholson, 80 years old

Yes, Nicholson may not look very good at 80, but he has never gone under the knife of a plastic surgeon, like Brigitte Bardot.

13. Meg Ryan, 56 years old

The star of films such as Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally and City of Angels also got too carried away with plastic surgery, which, in theory, was supposed to make her younger and more beautiful, but it turned out the opposite.

14. Matthew Perry, 48 years old

The actor who played Chandler Bing in the iconic «Friends» now looks haggard, puffy and awfully old. Perhaps it’s all to blame for the fact that Perry used to pour a liter of alcohol into himself daily and throw himself with pills.

15. Michel Mercier, 78 years old

The real name of Jocelyn Yvonne Rene Mercier taught world fame thanks to the role of Angelica in the historical series of 1964-1968 based on the novel by Anna and Serge Golon all ballerinas. The dance career did not work out, but the habit of eating moderately remained.

Today, the actress admits that with age it becomes more and more difficult to keep fit. “There is nothing joyful about getting older. And do not believe when they try to convince you otherwise. For an actress, this is a real tragedy, ”she said in an interview.

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