Famous actors at the beginning of their careers and now. How young we were…

We remember these actors in modern images. New movies they came much earlier. Young, modest, with burning eyes — at the beginning of their careers, they were completely different. Now they have dozens of roles behind them, experience, fame, their image was changed by top stylists … But before … They were like that!

Jude Law at 28 (1990):

Kate Winslet at 23 (1998):

Kate Middleton at 25 (2007):

Jennifer Aniston at 21 (1990):

Meghan Markle at 24 (2005):

Beyoncé at 20 (2001):

And as a bonus, Hafthor Bjornsson (The Mountain from Game of Thrones) at 17 (2006) and now:

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