«From dandelion to stylish»: How stylists changed the hairstyle of a 2-year-old boy

We are used to the fact that only adults come to programs where stylists transform a person. Just behind everyday problems and other activities, there is not always time for yourself.

But who would have thought that even a 2-year-old kid would want a change in life. George asked to take him to the stylist, as he was tired of his lush hair.

Too curly hair only gave the boy trouble. He stood out from the background of other children, which became a kind of reason for ridicule on their part. And taking care of such hair is not an easy task.

The stylists set to work enthusiastically. They decided not to completely shave off George’s wonderful hair, but only to shape the hairstyle.

The boy did not spin and approached the matter with full responsibility. At some point, the masters forgot that they were cutting a 2-year-old baby, he behaved so seriously.

The boy’s mother was very happy to see the result. After all, now George looks stylish and no one will offend him for his hairstyle.

George also liked the reflection in the mirror.

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