“Got younger by 30 years!”: the makeup artist gave the woman a “second youth” and a happy smile

It’s no secret that the right makeup can create a real miracle! Today you will see it again.

The heroine of the next transformation was not just a woman, but the grandmother of an already adult granddaughter. It was the make-up artist granddaughter who decided that she wanted to give granny positive emotions and show how she can look with makeup.

When, after much persuasion, the woman nevertheless agreed, the girl decided not to trifle, and immediately try a very bright and youthful make-up.

First, the makeup artist, of course, applied moisturizing to the skin to smooth out wrinkles and prepare the base for the tone. Then she applied foundation and contoured.

A very important detail was glued eyelashes, which opened the eyes.

Well, where without bright accents? Colored shadows and lipstick completed the look and made it memorable.

When the elderly woman saw the result in the mirror, she could not believe her eyes. She looks 30 years younger!

It seems that now the grandmother will more often agree to her granddaughter’s experiments!

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