“Removed 11-year-old dreadlocks”: the guy cut his hair and changed beyond recognition

Dreadlocks are a thing that not everyone likes. There are real fans of this style, and there are those who consider dreadlocks a terrible sight.

However, in order to make a shock of dreadlocks on your head, you will need to spend a whole day at the hairdresser, or maybe several. But those who decide to take such a step do not regret it and feel confident.

For example, a young guy from the USA decided to braid his dreadlocks while still a teenager. And when it came time to shoot them, he did not want to say goodbye to this way. So, the hero of our today’s article went through dreadlocks alone for 11 years!

His hair had already grown noticeably, but he was still in no hurry to take it off. Only recently, he finally realized that he had already become an adult man and it was time to change something.

Then he asked his beloved to help him and cut his dreadlocks. It just didn’t work the first time. And the guy had to go to the hairdresser, because ordinary scissors could not cut the hair.

In the end, when everything was cut, there were about a kilogram of hair on the floor! And all this the young man wore on his head for many years.

Now our hero looks completely different, and he thinks that with a new hairstyle, people will treat him differently.

And indeed, look how handsome he has become!

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