Robert De Niro is 76 years old. What his wife and 8-year-old daughter look like

Robert De Niro is already 76 years old and on his account a huge number of films that not only fell in love with the audience, but were also awarded for talented performance. It is worth noting that De Niro’s popularity came after 30 years, but this did not prevent him from building a successful career.

In his personal life, the actor is also doing well, he is married twice, has six children: four sons and two daughters. Helen’s youngest daughter is only 8 years old.

Together with his second wife, Robert met in the early 90s, and in 97 they officially became husband and wife. In 2011, with the help of IVF, their daughter Helen was born.

When she and De Niro were younger, he often took her on a bicycle.

But now the girl has grown a lot and became prettier. They can often be seen on joint walks through the streets of New York.

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