“Surprised so surprised!”: A woman with gray hair decided on a drastic change

Agree, all women dream of always staying young. However, not everyone manages to maintain their beauty, because over the years more and more worries fall on their shoulders, and there is no time left for self-care.

So our today’s heroine, Mary Johnson, did not notice how she launched her appearance. Mary remembered that she needed to think about herself only when her husband stopped complimenting her. Then she realized that 60 years is not yet a reason to write herself off!

A real professional in his field, Christopher Hopkins, took up the transformation of Mary. He thought that he wanted to make a very bright and bold lady out of a woman, and skillfully brought the idea to life.

First of all, he set to work on his hair: he shortened it and dyed it in a beautiful copper color. This hairstyle went very well to the eyes of the heroine, and only emphasized her dignity.

And makeup generally turned Mary into a real beauty queen! Children and husband did not recognize their beloved mother and wife after the transformation!

Yes, and the woman herself looked at herself differently, and realized that she would not forget about care anymore, and would maintain the beauty that the stylist created!

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