“The barbie from the past” How does the girl-model look, who is now 9 years old

The girl named Aira a few years ago, when she was little became a real superstar, don’t even wanting it. When the girl was 2 years old her parents thought, that she is a real model and began to actively promote her in the field of modelling business.

The director of modelling company knew how to use little Aira’s beauty-they came up with her image of a real doll.

Because she amazed everyone with her natural beauty her photos constantly subjected to regular criticism from society, as it was difficult to believe, that there wasn’t a photoshop there.

For Aira such an early fame was a real test than fun. She didn’t have a chance to communicate with other kids, didn’t have a free time, only studios of modelling companies and endless contracts.

And due to some period of time her beauty started to change. So her contacts with modelling companies were ended and the girl lost her popularity.

From time to time the girl is captured for glossy children’s publishers, but this rarely happens.

Aira has social networks, which she leads as many of her peers. But there wasn’t any photos of her “popular” childhood, it seems as if she didn’t like that period.

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