The girl decided to cut off her hair and now she looks delightful!

Many women live hostage to their image. They are afraid to change and experiment. Moreover, everyone constantly repeats that it is long hair that makes the wife beautiful.

In fact, many don’t like long hair, and at a certain age they only age. Each woman can choose her own style, choose what suits her.

Holly came to Avant Garde Salon to change her look before the wedding.

All her life the woman walked with long hair, as her father liked. But long hair requires care, special coloring and large funds. Not everyone can afford good care. So Holly saved on nourishing masks, restorative products with vitamin complexes, which are made in salons. She painted herself and used the usual products from the store. As a result, her hair looked terrible and for several years she had braided it.

Master Sarah Prestel, with an unwavering hand, cut off 60 centimeters of damaged hair. Holly seemed to have lifted a weight off her shoulders.

Now she looks bright, stylish and inspired. The girl is delighted with her transformation and is sure that now a new life awaits her!

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