The guy cut off his long hair on a TV show, and the girl couldn’t recognise him

Brandon lived for a long time with a beard and long hair. It was in this form that he met his girlfriend Claribel. So with a short haircut and no beard, she never saw him.
After several years of conscience, Brandon agreed to go to the Rachel Ray show, where the stylists had to work on his appearance. After all, he himself perfectly understood that next to such a beautiful girl he looks very comical.

And so, when the “renewed” Brandon left the dressing room, the audience and, most importantly, Claribel herself, simply froze with delight. The guy has changed so much that some did not immediately recognize him!

But this was not the last surprise that Brandon gave his girlfriend. Literally a few minutes later, the guy knelt down and proposed to Claribel. The audience, of course, greeted this unexpected move with a standing ovation!

Then there was a slightly awkward moment. The girl did not immediately respond to the offer. But it was because of the excitement and overwhelmed her feelings.

When the presenter reminded Claribel about marriage, the girl replied: “Of course, yes!”

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