«The offspring of love” How does the couple’s daughter look, when the father is from Nigeria and the mother from Vietnam

Different race isn’t a problem-here’s how you could describe the union of the couple to whom this article relates. Not only the couple adores each other, but also they recently had a baby daughter, that captivates with its unusual appearance. It’s all because her father is a Nigerian, and the mother is fro

Le Thu Fuang and Ci Jei met in the park many years ago during a walk with their friends. How the girl confessed, she had a strong character, but Ci Jei does incredible things-he could pacify her with his kindness and love. So the man conquered the beauty.

Every girl is pleased when a man shows her how much he loves her. In such moments you think, that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Ci Jei told, that he wanted to assure his loving that he is the one, that she needed. And he succeeded.

After two years they decided to get married. The fete happened in Jei’s homeland in Nigeria, but they went to live in Vietnam, where Fuong came from. They have a big and beautiful house, and they become parents recently.

As the girl told the pregnancy period was the happiest in her life. All went well and her lovely husband was with her.

And such beautiful couple’s daughter was so adorable. The baby has a dark skin, that she inherited from her father and her eyes from the mother.

The couple told, that not all was smooth at the beginning, as their families doesn’t accept their decision, but after some time everything became easier. Now the family lives in the love and harmony.

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